Lite RP vs. SeriousRP.

Post Your Opinon!

I’d like to start an actual discussion, reading through this area of the forum I find that most people just rant and flame, so for this topic, I’d like you to keep your flames, trolls, and rants at home, try adding to the convo.

Topic is LiteRP VS. SeriousRP, which do you prefer? Why? What makes one script better than the other?

I personally like SeriousRP better, for the most part SeriousRP is a fun alternative to LiteRP, not to say that SeriousRP can’t be stressful, but in my OPINION LiteRP is to “mingy” for me, not a lot of people actually RP, and although it is LiteRP, it is STILL RP.

As for my favorite Script, Nexus3 is my favorite so far, Blueprint2 is good, but It isn’t as user friendly as Nexus3 was.

“reading through this area of the forum”

You sure you didn’t mean to post this in the Roleplay section?

Whoops, I did, I hope an admin see’s this and posts it in the Roleplay section, I didn’t realize it wasn’t in the right section. =)

The answer is… No RP.