Lito's Realistic DarkRP Server! - 20 Slots - CNLR/FastDL/Custom Content


Realistic DarkRP? Yeah, right.

How so?

Edit: I meant Realistic, as in my part of it, obviously lol the minges will fuck things over.

Even though I hate every DarkRP server. You put some work in the ad. If it was another gamemode I would join it

Just cause it is darkrp doesnt mean it sucks, you guys problably joined 2 darkrp servers that was owned by a 9 year old and then forever tought it sucked, this looks good, not any minge jobs.

Well, the advertisement is overall, far better than most of the other’s but…
Well, your rules are shit, and your jobs are pretty bad too.
There, thats my oppinion, i might join, maybe.

Hmm, how do you think I should improve these rules?

Realistic? Garry’s Mod is a game not a reality.

This is probably the biggest fault i see, this will cause infinite fights between factions, and people will just keep killing each other for revenge.

whats special with this server?, all darkrdm gamemodes looks like this.

Might not be special, but I’m trying to put more rich quality into my server. Im blank on ideas, but yeah I’ve heard alot of people hate NLR

Instead of rules for the situation NLR was made for, you need a common human mind, an admin in charge of that.

They can tell the difference between a fair war and pointless revenge killing and DM

Update, new map is Townsend!

thats one of my favorite maps. :biggrin:

Hey dude, could you add me on Steam?
I tried to add you but your profile link is broken.

Oh, lol sorry.

Uh for anyone wanting to add me, just request like him! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, updates.

-Got Cars working, and downloading
-Got 2 new classes, Banker & Head Gangster
-Got Forums/Website ( & (

To come:
-25 Slot Ventrilo Server!

Give us download links please
Also,change the NLR back to normal,because it seems a little unfair if someone has a good base and is broken into and killed,and then they can’t know about it.

Update… again.

-Added Download Links
-Re-Added NLR

Thank you.
I will join,if you join with me so its not me just doing nothing.
Where can I get the map?Map downloads take a while for me.

Oh lol, what an idiot i am!

Uhh… Add me on steam too! Also… I’ll get the map on.