"Little black bag" Man walkin' down the street





Original for comparison:




His neck.

Posing is fine, but no matter how much I love Reservoir Dogs and Little Green Bag, the song doesn’t seem fitting for the scene.

they’re floating :o

His face looks reeeeally weird.

I like the camera angle and the lighting though.

The feet can’t be closer to the ground for some reason.

Could always test your luck by using any of the numerous STOOLs that allow you to nocollide props/ragdolls/entities with the map/world.

Anyways, I like the feel of the picture more than anything else; along with the music, it comes off very calming and laid back. His face does kind of look weird, though. Kind of angry. His left hand, too.

Just love Reservoir Dogs :smiley:

Someone should photoshop this so the neck is really long, like Postal’s old Kermit avatar

Spitter neck + cool face = fucking weird.

Nice lighting though.

Giraffe Man walking down the street.
Pretty cool.

lookin good

Is there really a STOOL that makes that? I have lurked around the LUA section without any success for months looking for one…

The pose looks fine, dunno why everone complains(But you could have avoided the floating thing by raising the angle a little bit :P), also nice lights and smoke.

Rather bland.

Here you go Santz, it’s No Collide World :slight_smile: