Little bunny

“Ooh, you were quick as a little bunny!” :smiley:


Oh yes I’m on deviantArt -

I’m quite confused.

It doesn’t really make sense and nobody here is really interested in deviantart.

Personally, I think putting gmod screenshots on deviant art is pretty stupid because they can take practically no effort in comparison to some of the decent art on there.

Also I can say the majority of photos are put on deviantAtr.
After all, most of them do not require much effort …

Yeah but a lot of those actually make some sense.

Your contrasting is ugly, the reference/joke you’re trying to make makes no sense (if it’s a joke, is the punchline the fact that he’s wearing a bunny mask, if so, why is he wearing a bunny mask, what makes it funny?)
The mask has pretty bad isolation, you can see a lot of white around the edges. Nothing particularly special about the posing besides the fact that the heavy is a little stiff and his legs look like they’re rotating to the left of the screen (but that’s probably the shadows).

And your point about the majority of photos being put on “deviantAtr” is?
The thing about actual photography is that a lot of it uses specialized equipment, and these are natural moments that cannot be reproduced easily. The thing about photography is that it’s very artistic.
While gmod pictures DO have their merit because they can be beautiful/artistic, they are artificial, easily reconstructible, and should probably be kept among the gmod community because nobody else really cares besides us.

As for this particular picture, I agree - the made it is not very high quality, many of my other work (at least in London and Chicago) look in better times.
But do not agree about the fact that the images c so that gmod work must only be in gmod community. They could lay oneself out to devainArt, they can be considered art.

Full of jpeg artifacts and raped with contrast.

Also, the bunny mask is stupid.

I’m hit the “Agree” button one hundred times.

Someone on dA bought a print of my Pyro poster :colbert:

No Effort? You have to be kidding. It’s like editing real photos, except you don’t have to buy a camera. And you may create a nice artwork for some game, too.