little fix for game freezing at your base

so i had a really big problems every time i would come back to my base my fps would drop to 24 fps from 60 then crash
my base wasn’t that big had a square base in the middle with a tower at the back and a square ish part at the front with angled corners wasnt that big
so i got really cheesed off and decided to make a new base i built one 3 times bigger that my last one thinking it would lag like hell but no i get a stable 48fps when i come to my base all i built was a big square seems when you make weird shapes like towers and weird corners i loose my fps to the point i would crash

so make square bases see if this works for you?

Sounds like the symptoms of the sign bug. Did your base that made you crash like has 1 or more signs deployed?

my last base had about 4 signs my new base has about 16 signs so signs are not the prob its the rendering of the base as you get close

It is sign problem. As soon you get near sign game starts to lag

Signs are indeed the problem. It’s a well known issue. Get rid of the signs and the problem goes away.

That said, tomorrow’s update is SUPPOSED to address this. But so was last week’s Thursday update, as well as the multiple fixes they rolled out Friday and Saturday. And none of them fixed the issue.