Little gamemode idea

I was thinking about my favorit gamemodes,Then it hit me.

trouble in terrorist town mixed with DarkRP

So take Dark RP
The round starts,Everyone is in evocity,Everyone spawns in there own room With a random job that FITS the room (Cops at PD) (Drug dealers in allys)

They can lock the door,Rig the door,And break the door with E

the objective, for an innocent RPer, is to RP…
The SINGLE Traitor has to Find a way to kill everyone.Just like TITT There ARE police detectives,

Alright so lets see

Everyone spawns
The terrorist Rigs his door…
A Cop knocks on it for a routine search BOOM One down
The detective searchs the body and finds out that the cop was blown up…
The terrorist buys a Deagle from a RP Gun dealer
An innocent is on a roof,The terrorist Knifes him
The detective finds the Body and with a 20% Radio finds the terrorist finger prints
the terrorist Gets an alert “A detective has info”
the terrorist throws a Flashbang into the PD and rigs the door.
The detective walks in and Boom 2 down.
There are still a gun dealer 1 cop and a Citizen
the terrorist uses his deagle to Have a gun fight with the cop…OUTCOME 1:the cop wins and the Terroist Loses.The round restarts
OUTCOME 2:The terroist Wins and Kills the civ and Gundealer useing tactics and Stealth…
The round is over and the Terrorist is awarded a “Point”
HE can use this point for better grenades,speed,Footstep sound,Health…Shit like that

I Know its a stupid idea,BUT THAT WOULD BE AWESOME…

Actually, I don’t find it stupid, I think it would work out good

:smiley: Thanks

BTW,IF someone makes this Include me in teh credits!

"** Little ** gamemode idea*…

Not so little is my fiddle,But the music’s still good.

This follows the same law.

is it just me or do you sound like a criminal mastermind?

but seriously, thats a great idea. but make it so that anyone can be the terrorist (except a cop) like the terrorist isnt a job of its own so the gundealer can be the terrorist or a bartender or what ever

AKA Fuckload of guns, shoot everybody, mass chaos, no RP at all, kids with aimbots, total shitstorm.

What hit you in the head to make you think this shit is a good idea?

My mom’s penis.

And I thought the guy on the thread about me had a fucked up family…

“What was that sandvich? Try it out? Good idea! Muahahahahaha!”

Fuckload of guns for rich players.Only the terrorist kills people.NO Chaos if the terrorist is good.Every gamemode has aimbots,Shut up.Nope.

OHHH WAIT.You’re rimlanin! The famous troll.Oh never mind go ahead :smiley:

What hit you on the head to make you think trolling my thread was a good idea?