Little Hammer Help?

There’s something wrong with the 3 windows that view at different angles. It’s plain black.
They suddenly stopped after the update for Half Life 2, and source 2006 engines.

I’m not sure how it has any affect on the engine I’m trying to build on.
I’m using the Source 2007 SDK Hammer. I tried other engine version such as 2006, and 2009. But, 07 doesn’t work.

I’m not even gonna bother helping here.

Read the 50 other fucking threads on this exact problem.

Do they have a solution?
I don’t want to spend 30 hours finding 50 different spread around threads.

They ALL have the same simple solution to the problem. Use Source 2009 for EP2 now.



Nvm, found out. Thanks guys.

:suicide: More of these threads.