Little help on Linux [ubuntu 32bit]

So i couldn’t play rust successfully on my XP because of the desync came to the final option of having to play it on my linux.
Well everything runs well no desyncs on my ubuntu or ghosting issues, i just get a bit of lag, which is likely seeing my hardware isn’t the best.
I’m running a intel pentium 4 duel processor and a 2gb nvidia card and 2gb of ram (“the rams the problem”)
But after lowering the CFG to the lowest possible settings, and in window mode 850x600 i still get semi-low fps in heavy forested areas, around 10-15 fps.
In open terrain it isn’t as bud but still pretty sluggish 15-20.
Is there anything else i could possibly do, i tried some launch options but i’m sure they are windows based considering they do nothing to my game.
Sorry if this is the wrong section i see nothing related to my question so.

I understand people never want to upgrade their computers, but there comes a time when they just have to bite the bullet and realize that it’s needed at some point if they want to continue playing newer games.

Your CPU is really slow and old and you’re lacking ram. Bite the bullet, upgrade if have the money to spend. You’ll thank yourself later.

Do you get steady lag, or lag spikes? You’re probably running into the issue everyone runs into, loading buildings. Are you on official server, or an empty server?

if your going to upgrade you have to find the bottleneck first, looking at iostat -dxm 1 , top for memory usage and cpu usage you can consider upgrades and configuration changes.

First identify if it is an IO problem , run this loop while you’re playing, my suggestion is run it on a virtual console (ctrl+alt+f2):

while [ 1 ]; do iostat -dxm 1;sleep 4s;done

If determine you have an IO problem (generally utilization being 100% or greater is a good sign but something more definitely is if await is much greater than svtm, depending on the problem type you may see await 400%~ or more come in spikes or be consistent).

Now that you have identified its an IO issue check if you’re running into swap memory. If you are then memory is you’re likely bottleneck and more than likely its being caused by rust itself, however take a look at top and evaluate you’re configuration to see if you can reduce memory usage.

If CPU is bottleneck you have to find out why ultimately but maybe you want to uttilize nice, one thing if you see what looks like a combination if consistent high await in addition to cpu usage while swap and everything else seem fine try a different IO scheduler. (CFQ or Deadline), this will check you’re current scheduler:
for each in cat /proc/partitions | awk '{print $4}' | sed '/^$/d' | sed '/^name/d' | egrep '^[a-z][a-z][a-z]$'; do cat /sys/block/$each/queue/scheduler|cut -d[ -f2|cut -d] -f1;done

If memory is not at fault and you have plenty of swap AND you’re cpus are fine then i would suggest running some disk tests, filesystem optimizations depending on you’re filesystems, and just reducing the programs that write/read from disk.

If none of these things are a problem (i.e your system looks totally healthy) you’re GPU and/or its drivers are the only possible thing to blame here and you should consider re-configuring/upgrading those. It may be possible you reduce the rust graphics settings further but also make sure you are using a lightweight window manager.

The problem is mostly the trees, and the un-needed detail in the mountains, Why do i need pretty high polly mountains? lol rust doesn’t even seem to bother to lower the detail of them when you are far from them, and seriously who needs that many fucking trees people dont even chop trees its pointless, we go for the wood piles, Gary needs to really optimize this game for low end pcs, Yea my hardware isn’t amazing, But neither is this games graphics where it counts lol.
The unity engine is just disgusting when coded improperly. I know i’m a unity programmer myself.
But anyways i used a script in my unix to allow my intel processor to run at full performance, seemed to do the trick, although when i run into a field of trees i still get FPS hit, i think they should allow us to have low poly rocks and trees.

“used a script in my unix to allow my intel processor to run at full performance”

what do you mean by this? What script?

How do you know the problem is the trees or the mountains?

its known this game has some performance issues on 32 linux, and they said they are working on it but why are you even still using 32bit? I advise save all you’re important data and reinstall 64 bit.

There were never any dual core Pentium 4s, only Hyper Threaded P4s which split one physical CPU into two logical CPUs that each have a bit less than 50% of the full CPUs power.

Hyper Threading causes significant performance problems in single threaded games, because the game can effectively only use about 50% of the CPUs capability at any given time. You need to go into the BIOS settings and disable HT.

You won’t get a huge performance boost by disabling HT, but you will get some boost. If at all possible, you just need to upgrade your system. Pentium 4s were last manufactured for the mainstream market 8+ years ago, and were never that good to begin with.

with nvidia card and good multicore cpu i suggest to add


to the Game launch options in steam… this improves framerate greatly for me at least