Little Introduction/ Trade Market

Good afternoon everyone, I’m Mark also commonly known as PseudoPacifist from a few other places. I would like to say that I love this game so far and I’m really excited to see where it will go in the future. For now though I’d like to announce on US3 a trade station on the southwest corner (Assuming the sun sets in the west) of the map where you can come bringing raw goods or crafting skills and trade what you have for what you want (obviously pending supply and demand for such goods)! We currently have the capability to create nearly any object in game, be it a weapon, armor, explosive or otherwise. We have a well fortified position and will be handling any negotiations for trades between clans. We are armed and we are legion, but we want to build a friendly strong relationship with groups both large and small. Hit me up on here if your interested in details of our operation, want to get involved or are looking to trade goods or services.


Nice mark bandits like me need a place to camp where we can kill people with loot coming to trade in a friendly environment.

I FULLY support this idea :slight_smile:


I suspect it’s a trap, but either way it’s going to become a popular hot zone for PK whether or not Pseudo and his pals are genuine.

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Stop that.

Understand Havoc we are armed and we are numerous. The trade space will be well regulated, any weapons use will have you killed, your gear confiscated, and black listed from future trade endeavors. Also we will be changing locations quite often only informing trusted members to reduce ambush potential.

I support this I wish some people can do this in the EU servers as well.

You guys trying to be like the hacker group “anonymous” or something? Haha but OT: This will just create chaos, just lettin ya know that right now. Good luck, whether you are armed or numerous

We’re looking to expand to EU pending we get a decent sized community going. PM me if you like We have enough people to commend a strong force on US3 but not quite for other servers yet. I’m also currently undergoing negotiations with the New Hold Rangers to create a merger as those guys have even more people that are more active than us to secure some form of trade routes that are regularly patrolled for KoS players on US3.

This is so great and i wish you guys the best of luck, right now Rust isnt working for me but once it gets sorted i’d be more than happy to help

LMAO sorry just had to

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Awesome to hear man when my friends and I gear up for a fight we like a good one and we enjoy numbers so this should be a great thrill. Just do not get all upset when things do not go the way you plan them in your head man.

more gear back at his place so he wont mind losing it…and he can change his name so u wont ever know its him

hey Psuedo! I saw you on my first day playing ^^ Are you on the new US3 or the old US 3 which is now US West Renton or something? This is a great idea, there will always be griefers to ruin stuff but it would be fun. I’m on the old US3 west coast which is now Renton. My roomie and I would definitely be willing to help out if you’re there.

Yeah guilty feel free to contact me here if you’re interested. We currently have a sizeable number of people but we want to build a semi regulated community that is prosperous to those involved and safe for those who need it. A place where someone can get what they want without having to kill for it.

You get wrecked every single time I see you on Renton hahahahahaha

Lolololololololololol Thanks for the heads up Vincent :smiley:

Alright were up and running, so far four good trades and only had to stave off two bandit attacks. Thanks for the kevlar mr. bandits :stuck_out_tongue:

We currently are in the market for a silencer if anyone has one, its one of the very few things we cannot craft atm, we will pay premo for it.

This ought to be good, maybe my tribe will stop by at some point

Why can’t everybody just stop being faggots and go with it for once

On another note, I will buy kelvar blueprints from you. Nice idea, by the way, I would be happy to join your ‘‘security’’.

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