Little Mesa V2

Little Mesa is my first project in a while so quality may not be the best.

It is a non-themed map for now.
It contains a sewer system that will eventually lead throughout the entire map.

Roads will also be found through out the entire map.
It will contain many many buildings.

It is currently just made for sandbox/freebuild.

Empty and blocky.

-Oversized (sewers anyway)
-Poor lighting
-dx7 water
-repetitive textures

Get all that fixed, and you would have a decent map.

What does it have to do with Mesa :saddowns:

Reminds me of Half-Life 1.

Reminds me of a WIP rp map.

Looks OK but take rob’s advice, and you got my download.

Its only empty cause it’s v2, but everyones saying blocky, what can I do to make it less blocky? More curvatures?

Your ladder in the “sewer” area is also a few units off the ledge it’s meant to be fixed to.

its not.

It is…

will it have nodes?

It’s not terrible if it’s a first or second map/

If it’s a sandbox map, proportion and detail aren’t as important as functionality, although I’m not saying that’s an excuse to make it look nasty. However, it looks intriguing and could turn out nicely.