Little Question: How long is the Garry's Mod offer gonna last?

You know, it’s 4$ (3.99€ Right over here), and I’m getting a debit card as soon as this month ends or before, and i’m thinking of buying it.

-snip useless post really-

1 week from the time it started

WHAT! DAM hay garry can I have £3 back because I payed £5.99 for mine :biggrin:


Yeah, well I had to cough up $39.99 for Gmod, TF2, CSS, Episodes 1 and 2, and pay for Deathmatch, again, I don’t know why they forced that into that bundled sale, waste of cash when I already had something for free, but I am not going to ask for a half refund, not that their going to give it to me, its just at the store, TF2 was $9.99 in an Electronic Arts sealed box, versus $19.99 on STEAM. I would not have mentioned this, unless you guys started talking about price first. The real kicker is that on the PC, both DM and Gmod sort of gave me free access to regular HL2, because the single player story maps had to be modified to multiplayer. Its nice not having a loading screen between black mesa east and ravenholm to eliminate all players having to reload.

Until 30th september. It said that on the “Steam Updates” box.
Not 100% sure,
About 90% sure.