Little quirks you should add to Drones and the Giant Robot

Drones should fly around in the sky and traverse the entire island. A cool addition would be to make the drones actually fly NEAR players and scan them with fancy lasers. Though it’s my strong belief that they should be smart enough to avoid those with guns and keep a healthy distance from them. The drones would only dare to scan those with non ranged weapons or ‘nakeds’. Once they scan you, a bright camera flash will flicker and it will fly off once more. A good way to shoot one down would be to hide your weapon and whip it out while it’s scanning you. Though, the moment it sees the gun, the drone should tail it.

The Giant Robot should turn itself on and look at you when you get closer. It doesn’t do anything, but simply just watches you to see what you do. I think this would be amazingly cool. Just think, you’re walking around and see a massive robot. Upon walking up to it, you hear a very deep robotic sound coming from the machine. It Whirs up and begins to move its head, eyes slowly fading to a bright glow. Snow/dirt falls off of the behemoth as it turns its gaze to you and just stares, following your movements before finally shutting back down the moment you leave.