Little Release Thread

Hi Guys.

I want to a little Release Thread about my Favorite Games (mostly Firstperson Shooter).

Let me begin with Far Cry 4 Weapons

All Work in Progress.

More to come.

Special Thanks to the Guys who made the Tools to Port Models and Textures.

Edit: If you find Fails plase give me a message or upload the corrected File.

Really awesome, will be in use.

What I’d like to know is what tools you used.

Hi Guy.

I used dunia2-r179_b116 to extract the files.

xbt2dds to convert the Textures and the XBGimporter_0.8 Plugin in Max3d11 to import the Models.

Have Fun

Hi Guys.

Here a few W-TNO Weapons.

and a W-TNO Vehicle (without normals)

Have Fun


Interesting, are those rips or extractions?
Are they scaled to source too?

If not, could you get me a t-posed character? It does not have to be rigged, I just want it for scaling purposes.

Hello! Is the mg42 in the list? U would Luke to have it
For reasons))

Hi Guy.

I´m Sorry.
My English is horrible and i´m a newbie in modding.
I don´t know if i understand you right.
Rips or Extractions ? what´s the Different ?
I only used Xentax Tools to get the Raw Models.

Scaled to source ?
For Scaling you can use luxox18´s Models.
They have exactly the same size when i load them in Milkshape.

luxox18 Deviantart Thread you can find here.
He has great stuff. Not all are downloadable but many.

Have Fun

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Hi Guy.

Look at the Picture.
Right upper Corner.

You can find it in the FC4_MG.rar

Have Fun

Xentax tools? So you did extract them. I see.

There are Blender Scripts to get the Models and an Tutorial to get the Textures.

I do not use blender.
Seeing as there have been new order stuff released in gmod, I will use those as a resize reference.

Do you have any plans to extract the characters as well? :slight_smile:

I plan on releasing some raw US and British soldiers eventually.

Hi Guy.

Like Falkok15 said.
And others are already out.

have a look here:

and here:

And of course On Steamwork are most of the Chars out.

Have Fun

Hi, I noticed in the Wolfenstein TNO models, the AR60 Marksman is missing the model files in the download.
Also none of the models seem to be UV mapped correctly when I open them like shown in the picture?

Hi Guy.

Thank You for the Message.

I forgot to flip the Pages before cutting them in parts.
Here is the corrected Download

One Bug left. AR_46 didn´t work with the DDS files.
I have not the slightest Idea why, so i linked the Texture to the JPG File.
Seams to be a Problem with my DDSConverter. Old and Bug´d Thing.

And Please delete all for you unnessesary Parts.
Some Parts are doubled, like Grip clapped in or out.
Or the AR_60 clapped out Grip collides with the Rocketlauncher.
It´s your choice what part you want.

Have Fun

Hey there,nice to see your release.
Here’s request:can I port some of them to gmod?
Waiting for answer,over.
(Also I heard about Wolfenstein:The New Order’s one’s UV map have something problem,just heard :P)

Hi Guy.

I hope i´f corrected most Problems with the new dowload link.
Or only flip the Textures from the old Link vertical (or the UV´s, how you want).
Be free to Edit or to do anything you want, but please note,
this is all:

Property of Bethesda and the Original Developer.

Have Fun

Excellent! Many, many thanks for the models!
Is there something like a Stoner machinggun?? (or Stoner 96 / Knights LMG)