Little to no sound

Hey guys :]

About a month ago I bought rust, and around 2 weeks ago my game sound randomly went from perfectly fine to terribly low. If I turn my computer sound up to the highest possible, I can still only hear my own gunshots and not even my own footsteps. The game sound option is as high as it can go, and I don’t remember changing anything else (if that’s even possible).

Anybody that can help? Add me on steam if you need to contact me easily :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

headset or desktop speakers? have you tried other outputs? either your headset/speakers are going bad, or your sound card is. If no sound card see if there are updated sound drivers for your mobo

I use a headset (Razer Cacharias) and they work perfectly fine on other games and videos. Also, i’m sorry but computers aren’t exactly my strong point and im not sure about the sound card.
Thanks for replying!

Open the game then open the Volume Mixer by right clicking on the sound icon, Turn everything to max then change the Speakers / Headset to whatever you want

That didn’t work ):

Do you have your headset plugged into the front or back of your computer?

Your computer may have multiple ports

IT’s fixed, thanks anyway!
The volume mixer worked when I tried it again.