Little Village Project! Check in.

So, here is my “little” village project made for 20 players which everyone have his own house. (16x normal houses and 4x villa).
In the middle is the tower. may be as great as you like it (Not included in the cost of village!)
Only one problem is that I don’t know how to get rid of players who are building stairs next to your wall to break in.

Some numbers:
Notice: Villas have 5 floors and square houses just 2f. The “Great Wall” around the village is 5 pillars high.

  • Foundations - 400
  • Pillars - 1024
  • Walls - 892 (Windows not included)
  • Doorways - 40
  • Doors - 40
  • Stairs - 52
  • Ceilings - 112

Total cost in wood = 73780.

(thread will be probably edited later, I don’t time now)
Paint FTW

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Lets just say it is a bad idea to build huge cities/villages with all these map wipes. Better wait until they figure it out.

seems interesting enough though every group of 5 will have its own side?

Yes I know. I’m looking a bit in to future. When wipes will be like every 2 weeks not 2 days. But now you can collect building parts cos your inventory is not cleared after this wipes.

Not really. It would just look a bit dumb to put 20 doors in one side. but it would be nice to get something like a big gate in the future on each side with number lock or something, so every villager would be able to open it.

Interesting, would look pretty awesome man! I’ll help, tired of killing random ppl, would be nice to do something els!

I’d definitively be interested in this project, but it’s not a good idea to start until they stabilize the servers and easy on the server wiping.

Especially if a griefer gets into your base too he can place one wall and ruin the entire thing, I’m sure it will be worth it eventually.

Yea and its a prime target for raiders.

I’m going to try make something similar to this, with the really high walls while streaming tonight, so if anyone of trust wants to come help, go for it.

I still think it would be fun to form a Builders guild in rust V:

The Rusty Builders
Bringing civilization back to a wasteland near you!

You would just steadily build a couple of houses here and there. Maybe try and build a small town as well.

Probably would have to travel light though to reduce the value of your death :V

Yeah. Jealous griefers are pain in the ass. They are to dumb to achieve something themselves so they’re destroying hard work of other players.

suggest you put a ceiling.

I’d offer some help, but I lack the access to do such a thing.

There is already a village in this wasteland

Yep, Overhacked and I, along with 10 or so others have a nice village out near the hangar-type thing with a rounded roof and shipping containers inside. The village itself has a nice number of tall buildings and such, but no wall yet sadly. We’ve tried to remain friendly, but plenty of raiders and KOSers have come for us lately, so we’ve become a defensive-neutral village, really.

In the current state of the game, it seems like making a village this big would be a giant beacon saying, “Please come kill us.”

You should make like a mainhall, where all the known people are and a tower where only the good known people are. Anyone who we don´t recognize shall be shot on sight!

really great idea, i’m on if i get a key in the near future :slight_smile:

thats a great idea to make such cities, but it cant be implemented today because of the map wipes, i will join in for sure if they figure it out.

If they take away the ban from me i’ll help you :wink: