'Little Wintery Witch' - Zoey and Francis keep a close watch on an oblivious Infected.



I reckon Witches would be dummed down by the cold if it ever snowed in Left 4 Dead. Need some proper thermals.

…and then that Jockey fucks everyone over

great picture :buddy:

That bitch must be cold…
Lighting is godly…

:love: that lighting.

Love it!

hm… it looks like witch`s has something in her panties :frowning:

Gawd damn, no wonder she’s pissed off 24/7. :’(

Hmm, lovely gi…picture. :slight_smile:

Great posing on Francis.

GNOME! That is awesome. Good lighting.

looks pretty nice. lighting is gorgeous.

Original, friend? :buddy:

vry nice vry nice

cool beans, what map is that?

Amazing lighting. Great use of lamps and lights. Great posing and good snow.

Get outta here with your epic lighting and great posing you, you…

That map… What is it?

Updated OP with the original pic to compare. :buddy:

That would be de_urbanwarfare.

Thanks for the feedback boys and gals!

Woah, you didn’t really do that much to it anyway, I’m impressed.

Well, it still took quite a while to edit, but the posing probs took longer.
But thanks!

Amazing as always.