live game tracking that can work with a .css file?

Is there a tool, or anyone know of a tool where I can have live stats of a rust server for a website? my GSP provides a link to “game tracker” but it’s just an overlay image, I was hoping for something “cleaner” where I can change the text etc.
something as seen on the sidebar for this rust server website.

Hi DrSuze,

It is just a simple library and php script using fsockopen to pull A2S_INFO from the valve query port every X minutes and then a small sidebar module to pull the data from mysql.

Originally we wanted to use it to try and provide some fun stats for the community however the data returned is limited, player names are ‘hidden’ and their stats are inconsistent and unreliable.

You can find more information here, I initially tried a few of the library’s down the bottom before I hacked together something to better suit our needs.

You should combine PHP and Magma. We have opened the customs RCON commands door with our framework and many people are already pulling alot of stats from their servers. Someone has made a system to track player levels, kills, fame, etc…

That’s all well and fine, if your running a modded server…

Well don’t expect full control if you stay vanilla.

Looking at some of the rcon tools available and especially the web based tools in development its obvious that it wont be much longer till we have some fast public rcon library’s to work with, those loyal to the vanilla way of life tend to be patient in general and dont mind the wait.

Magma otherwise looks like an awesome framework to build on.