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If I am posting the wrong place please let me know/move this.

So im trying to make a gamemod for me and my school mates for a LAN party coming up in some weeks, but im having some problems. the problems are that I am new to LUA very new, I have been doing some C# and so i see where its going, and i have been looking at some tutorials online and got at good start but i have some things in my mind i want to get out but I don’t know how to, and i have been googleing it but with no luck.

so right now I am looking for a player who know what he/she is talking about to help me along with this project. The gamemod is not very advanced, “I think/hope”.

Things i would like to have done:

2 teams (or more)

spawn with phys gun within the first 15 min

15 minutes to build with all props and the ability to touch the teams props but not the others teams.

after the 15 runs out all will spawn in centre of map with 500 HP ( the HP is 500 all the time but immortal at the first 15 min) and spawn with a gun which do 1 damage 10 times/sec.

all props spawned while the 15 min of build time needs 5000 HP.

disable the “Q” menu for the last 15 minutes (except admin)

a prop for each team to hide with 15000 hp.

i know this look at lot like the old fort wars but its not total the same, and i have been messing around with the standard Basemod that’s comes with Gmod standard…

if anyone got time or want to help me please replay as fast as possible :stuck_out_tongue: and we will figer out a way to talk private :slight_smile:

Ive got MSN, Skype and Team Viewer :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank for all who is ready to help me or just offered their time reading this :slight_smile:

dump, please guys I need someone’s help!


Okay so i can see that people don’t got time for this :slight_smile: but anyway where can i learn this by my self then? :stuck_out_tongue:

[Lua Wiki](


[Lua Function Searchi](

Okay thanks ill look at that, are you good at .lua? Do you know about its possible to make the mod im talking about ?

It is, but you will probably have to make it yourself!

I was aware of that, I just wanted some help to get started. And maybe a friend there was ready to help over MSN if I asked him or something :slight_smile: I wasn’t expecting that some just would make it for me while I was sitting down waiting :slight_smile:

Dump, requesting more reply’s :stuck_out_tongue:

Nobody has shown interest in this. Try to code it yourself.

You might want to try using fretta. More info is on the gmod wiki.

Read the thread before you Post!

Thank you :slight_smile:

what is fretta ?

Fretta gamemode base. There’s also lots of info in the lua scripting forums.

i have been messing around with that but thank you :slight_smile:

Dump. still need someone to help ! :smiley: there is a person who is trying to help me (AND THANKS FOR THAT), but we both got school and he is 7 hours behind me so when im finish he is starting school, and when he is coming home I am almost going to bed. :S

So why don’t you take the time, button down, and learn lua yourself?

Lua is one of the easiest scripting languages out there, takes you seconds to pick up the basics, and from there all you really need is understanding of the library.

iv have tryede. but i cant find a place where i can find commands like this

ply:SetModel and so on… i dunno what commands there are to write inside the functions.

Lua Tutorial Series

Effect Hooks

Entity Hooks

Gamemode Hooks

Panel Hooks

Tool Hooks

Weapon Hooks

Please, use some of that God given initiative of yours and look in the GMod Wiki under the big “Lua” section.

Thanks, but i still need a person to get me started, that all im asking for.