Live Map Doesn't Work

Hi, the server I play on uses the Rustio or whatever livemap, and on my in-game, shift+tab, steam browser, it does not let me login. I can open the livemap, I click login, it brings me to steam to a sign-in confirmation page, I sign in, then it goes back to livemap and I’m still not logged in.

I deleted the browser cache, and nothing changed. Strangely enough, even after deleting the cache I was still signed into steam, and did not need to sign in again.



Facepunch isn’t an Oxide plugin support forum, FYI. The devs do not directly support mods and plugins at this stage.

Can you log into the site from an external browser? Can you log in from the in-game overlay from within a different game? Because if the only thing it has trouble with is Rust, and the site works everywhere else, that could be a legitimate issue with the game itself that the devs can address.

I understand, but I have heard from other players that they have had the same issue, but none knew how to solve it. But there is usually somebody that knows how.

I can login and use the livemap from Chrome on the same computer. I am not sure about from a different game but I can try, and will update.

EDIT: Same issue is encountered when using the in-game browser while playing Garry’s Mod. This means it is an issue with the Steam browser itself, not with Rust… should I contact like Steam support?

I’d report the issue to and they can contact Steam Support themselves if they need help with their Steam OpenID authentication. What is Steam Support going to do, debug’s website for them and then send them an unsolicited email telling them what to do out of nowhere?

Thanks for the help, but I’m not an idiot and you do not need to treat me as such.

I said that I think this is a problem with the Steam browser, because clearing the cache did not sign me out of Steam. However, I am unsure if this even signs you out of websites— NOT making me an idiot but unsure of what clearing a cache does to your signin status.

I have found a way to contact Rustio and will do so.

Don’t worry about him. The little time I’ve been on the forum all I see from him is condensending behvior and attitude

I agree – how DARE he suggest you contact the plugin’s authors directly.

elix has very little social filter; it comes from answering the same inane questions day in and day out. the first 6 months of my posts were much friendlier and politically correct than i am now, and i’m sure if you are here longer than a few weeks you will see your mood sour somewhat repeating yourself and dealing with idiots. that said, to me he seems to have the best of intentions, and is a wealth of information.

and yeah, contacting the plugin’s developers seems to be the logical first action, not contacting fp.

You could try the Oxide web site -

Perhaps my question has been asked repeatedly, but I failed to find a thread on it so I felt I had the right to make one about it.

Yes, contacting the dev would have been what I would have done first if I thought it was a problem with the plugin. Which, it appears it might be. But it could just as easily be a problem with the Steam browser, which is what I assumed at first.

Hey, yep, I found a way to contact the dev of the plugin itself, so I did, and am awaiting a response. Thanks though!