Live or Die, make your choice.

Watched SAW 7 the other day, and made this wallpaper for all the SAW fans out there:

Saw 7 is out already?

Yeah, I figured out who the main Jigsaw accomplice was way back in SAW 2 and I was happy to find out I was right, the evidence is there in the films you just gotta look closer. I won’t spoil it for you but great ending. There will no more SAW films now though.

The reflection of his bald head is literally the best part of the whole picture.

Thanks man, I don’t like the light in this pic but oh well that’s what is like on the map.

The blood could use some work.

I wasn’t saying the rest of the picture was bad, just that the head reflection is awesome fyi.

Thats cool, I was just giving my own thoughts on the lighting.

Saw 7 ?! How fast have they been pumping those films out? Fuck, under-rock living is not for me.