Live Stream For Newbies

Hello all new players. Anyone interested in learning about the game or just talking about the game in general check out my livestream. I know alot about the game and will gladly share with anyone who wants to know about it.

-snip- being an asshole again…

the 2 post pro? im lost

Just left that server…Not much lag which is great…

I believe it was an unsuccessful attempt to belittle your game knowledge due to the fact that you’ve only posted twice on the forums.

It’s a tactic best known as “Trolling”, his e-peen is clearly bigger than yours with his “106 posts” washes feet

My e-peen is HUGE bro. Not trolling (him)… Just tired of people posting links to their shit streams on here to get some cheap hits. Most people don’t care.

BTW. Your grammar was almost perfect, but you forgot a period at the end of your last sentence.

lol… I knew I forgot something. In all seriousness, your reply came off pretty elitist. Probably not the best way to get your message across to people. :wink:

Actually your just a moron. My other account was banned for downing the koreans… And im not some forum hawk that sits on here and posts on everyones stuff trying to sound like billy bad ass. Im actually good at the game and playing it not forum stalking like yourself but good try son

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Mr 108 posts plz gtfo out and get a life im just trying to help people learn the game because i always see people asking the dumbest shit on here so if you have a problem just keep it to yourself…

XGNsythe…1st off, stupid name. Please change it. I just left that server and its great. Stop trying to be a know it all on the Rust forums. You sound like a little sister running and telling momma on big brother.

Thank you redd!

Actually, you still have no one watching your stream.

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Stupid name?.. Oh I forgot this was the internet. I should have totally picked a name like red rain…because you know, it exists. You must be his bff.

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Yup. BFFs

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YES. I won.