Since I don’t like to waste words here’s a short description:

This is an actual fastdl alternative which supports multiple download hosts. Also another advantage is the downloads are being made while the player is on the server. Missing models will be reloaded after the download finishes.

Keep in mind you need at least php on your web host and gm_vfs (client side)

This script will notify the user to download the dll when its missing with a download link. I also know there are many people against this client side dlls but this is just an alternative so whoever wants it, here it is.

Also before you ask how to use it, read the Readme.txt.

Removed Debug functions on create.php
Added Reports from create.php

Fixed LiveDL not loading on client.



Lets remake toybox and run Garry into the ground.

Awesome, I’ll test this out when I get home. Cool idea on distributing the hosts, awesome for people like me who run off of multiple webservers.

Sorry for this bug fix but I somewhat fucked up the directory hierarchy, now the urls are sent from the server while the client side part is send AND loaded on client not just sent. I’ve missed this as I did only testing on local computer.

Sorry about that.

Edit: 1.0.2 Released, see first post for details.

I dont think many servers will use this since it requires the user to download a module to play on the server.

not with that attitude

would be nice to have it as some sort of unofficial standard like wiremod

Here’s a URL encoding function that should cover all URLs.
I’m using it in WolfDJ and it has worked great.

I noticed your TODO in your encode function :slight_smile:

[lua]function url_encode( str )
if ( str ) then
str = string.gsub (str, "
“, "
str = string.gsub (str, “([^%w ])”,
function ( c ) return string.format (”%%%02X”, string.byte( c )) end)
str = string.gsub (str, " ", “+”)
return str

Can any of you guys make a module that would allow the server to specify at what speed to upload files without using sv_downloadurl? I’ve been dreaming for a such a module for years.

Are you talking about raising it above the Gmod non FastDL cap without FastDL? I don’t think that is possible I thought those transfers were capped at 20kb/s

Well its a waste to add to my server and spend an hour setting up because the clients require the module, but just in case someone uses is on their server im going to install it to my client. Great work!!! If we can get garry to include this in garrysmod we might be able to use multiplayer toybox… and you will be the Lua King :3.

It looks like model reloading is somewhat bogus, the model appears but without any texture. I will look into that.

thats because downloaded texture has not been correctly initialized. mat_reload 1 could fix this (?)