Liver Failure

Liver Failure is a surreal horror roleplaying game inspired strongly by DarkRP, Pathologic 2, roguelikes, and Space Station 13.
It is unlike DarkRP in that it cultivates a heavy, horrifying acid trip-like atmosphere and requires players uphold this atmosphere, and also unlike ‘serious RP’ GMod servers in that players aren’t expected to describe their actions through text – the entire game is based purely on mechanics and gameplay actions.

It also does not have a heavy emphasis on rules other than not meming around in the atmosphere (which destroys it); if you were to go randomly murder someone, it is the job of the Sanitar Squad (police/janitor force) to stop you, and being seen by a policing class while committing a crime makes you wanted, which leaves you open to being killed by anyone else without consequence. Randomly murdering as someone belonging to Sanitar Squad increases your DESPAIR by a lot, and hitting 100% despair kills you with a heart attack.

You can also earn Stem Cells by playing, which can be spent on mutations, and are the only thing you keep between wipes. The threat of losing Stem Cells and being killed by police keeps the game mostly moderating itself, such that ‘admin sits’ never ever happen. Stem Cells are often rewarded to cultists and other character classes with antagonistic objectives, most of which progress the game further to the wipe, so as to encourage its coming.

There is a ROT level on the server which is accelerated by said antagonistic classes, and once it hits 100%, the cultists can summon the Dementia, whose job it is to activate the Brain Melter. Activating it and defending it until it fires wipes everyone’s inventory, money, and mutations – this keeps the game from getting stale and stagnating for people that have a lot of goods, which in turn keeps the gameplay about the fun things you can do and the roleplaying environment more than hoarding your material wealth and getting bored because you become untouchable.

The game is updated rapidly, sometimes with new features/content being added on literally a daily basis.

I want S&box access so I can continue on this game’s series and potentially remake this one in particular, especially to make use of Source 2’s better post-processing effects and really especially to take advantage of custom shaders, in the attempt to make something that looks as close to a hallucinogenic fever nightmare as possible with better feeling, more painful gameplay.

If this is worth a key I’d like at least two, because a lot of what makes Liver Failure what it is is made with and by my close friend.


I’ve been playing on it for a while and I can say that Liver Failure is quite the fever dream. Can’t wait to see it ported to s&box, or see a successor on it.


I never knew I wanted liver failure until now


I enjoyed your commentary! ( very clear mic btw ) Although this looked very empty in terms of map design. Hopefully your S&box version will be more immersive! :cake:


not my commentary, the video was made by a player unprompted. we only discovered it a month after it was made
source 1 + hammer sucking woefully affects how we can decorate the map. i look very forward to this being less of an issue.
thank you!


The gamemode looks very very fun!


looks fun. is there a verson of it that is playable with gmod


what you see in the videos and pictures is gmod and it’s up right now:


I wish it was that easy


But this will soon be an option for Garry’s Mod. I think I’ve seen people using it for Garry’s Mod already but I don’t know how they are doing it if so.

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well, that’s far from the only reason i wanna use s&box


I just like to spread awareness regarding Hammer++ every opportunity I get.

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