Livestreaming, be kind rewind. im new to streaming

Going live again, would appreciate comments and suggestions

Hello everyone, live again. Solo ATM. comments and suggestions appreciated

stop bumping this thread, just stop.

Face cam? Stupid-ass dancing banana circa 200forever ago? Wow, I cringed so hard.

Hey guys, thanks for the comments jonny. i am a new streamer looking to get some graphics done and some ideas of how to improve my stream. Buying a USB extension tomorrow so facecam will be back in proper position.
I’m off for the night, thanks to everyone who tuned in. if you didn’t catch me hit me up with a follow I’ll be back tomorrow.

PBJ gone and facecam position fixed. Going live. comments appreciated

I do not understand why people like to stream their gaming? Like are they really in need of some attention? Beats me also why watch someone playing a game when why not actually play the game or do they have not got anything better to do and why facecam? No offence but do I really just want to see your face and reactions which is just basically just starring endless into a screen, really odd thing also stop bumping man.
Edit: Oh only good thing is well to see what the game is like before buying but yea I don’t understand tho it is very pointless thing to do but yet people like Pewdipie or whatever has this raging army behind him for playing games hours on end… Life is stupid haha

cmon give this guy a little brake :slight_smile:

ppl stream for fun or for money…
nothing wrong with that…
however, streaming gameplay like you do it now will not bring you viewers…
streams should be fun and interesting, playing with friends, with jokes and “stories”…
if you are playing alone you should have some goal… not just checking open houses which are 99.9% of time looted already…

so, take more enthusiastic approach and you will slowly gain some followers…
and sit properly :slight_smile:

You know there is a thread specifically for posting your stream in?