"Livin on a Prayer" - Some Tf2 ish movie poster.

Guess what song its inspired by :downs:

Would be nice if you play the music along with it.

The hounddog or whatever its name is is a bitch to pose, just like any new hats. I don’t want horrible effects but I want models.
Felt like making this a movie poster thing :buddy:
I’m pleased with this part of the medic’s head, but I feel like something is missing in the rest of the pic. Can’t get my finger on it tho.

Comments and Critism would be appreciated. (And ratings too)

Medic is Uber badass there.

too bad that there are those nasty edges

SuperDoF kinda fucked my AA somehow. I tried to edit most of it out but apperantly I didn’t get everything.

Oh god it was direct by Uwe Boll RUN TO THE HILLS!

Rasta and Elvis look. Not sure that was the Bon Jovi trade mark. Ok Bon Jovi sort of had a rasta thing going with his hair in that time.


I’m amazed that noone has commented about the obvious reference to Bill.

[sp]Medic with a tear on his cheek + check his hand [/sp]