Lizzie (Rampage Total Destruction Wii)

It’s that huge lizard we all know and love (I think.) First time rigging a non t-posed model from scratch. (Used 3D Ripper DX and Dolphin emulator.)

Fixed up her eyes (smooth sphere) and gave her a higher-res iris. (The original one was like 32x32.)


  • Finger posing
  • Eye posing
  • Four sizes (1x regular, 2x big, 5x bigger, 9x giant)
  • Jaw posing via physgun (to accommodate the sizes)
  • 2 skins (regular and one with a darker, bluish tintish skin)


Darker skin:


Quick pose:

Things to note:

  • Shoulders are glitchy. They pop out of places and stuff. Then again, you have flexibility. The shoulders are a bit hard to grab to allow better movement (less collision.) They may also pop up and down. Probably due to the high flexibility. I still need to work on physmodels.
  • They may seem smaller than their original sizes. However I compared them to a person in the Wii game and they are the right scale. It’s likely that the people, cars, or buildings lack the right proportions compared to Source.

Also on Toybox.

Hahaha this guy looks awesome thanks again for another awesome model <3 NVM it works now :> is down at the moment. :confused: Although the link is there (try quoting the OP.) I guess it needs the image to load for the link.

Awesome! I always used her and the Crocodile Guy in the Wii Version.

Wow, you can rip stuff from the Wii?

Awesome ! you can make more from rampage=?

Awesomeness! It’d be awesome to have George (gorilla) and Ralph (Wolf) too. And maybe the other monsters as well.

Never played this on the Wii, but I did play one of the older ones in the arcade. That last screenshot is fucking awesome.

Rampage was a fucking amazing game, glad to see a ragdoll from it. Hope to see more monsters or atleast the originals (Ralph,George, Boris, and Rubi)

Rampage was fucking awesome!

I allways played as lizzie, she is the best.

aah rampage, the good ol’ days

Nice release. I remember playing this game in arcades. I always chose Lizzie too.