Llama Lord's Basewars GM13


Wait you bought this for 50$ and your giving it out.

Why not?, I don’t use it and, Best let others develop on it.

Please delete the download link it is a private gamemode and professional coders work on it.A so you give it into the hands of fools school students who will profit from this.

You have 1 post here, Did you sign up on alt accounts?
Im only deleting it if the creator wishes for it to happen.

if you bought the ownership from him, you can keep it up regardless of what he says.

I developed this a bit for llama awhile back, but i quit fairly quickly because the previous coder did a terrible job and i didn’t want to deal with it.

Many people bought this gamemode for a lot of money, and you are distributing it to all who came! Creator abandoned it.

by the way let me tell you, whoever scripted this is very very far from professional lol.

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that’s my title. It’s not referring to you, or russians in general. lol

his title says that hes an idiot and that his ethnicity is russian
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been waiting on a functioning basewars gamemode, ill have a crack at fixing the errors but no guarantees of success

Well, if you look kindly into the code it is mine :slight_smile: 80% of the code has been changed as it would not even work.

So what your doing right now is just being stupid,

But tho i really dont care anymore :), i started working into serious bussines, so all of you guys grab a copy :slight_smile: Blow the server Browser, and let me see my hard work float, and make me look famous…

Tyler, i like how your 14 trying to leak my script, but thats fine :slight_smile: Also, tell them how you stole the gamemode and actually sold it to people while it warent working because you tried to change shit, without knowledge,

I really dont know, what happened to Facepunch and Garry’s Mod, it just got blown up by kids, like you trying to be cool, because they are leaking a script uuuh!

Guys who helped me on this gamemode, I thank you alot, but blame Tyler, for the dead of the gamemode (Tyler = Who)

Good job Salex claiming it to be a private gamemode…

I worked with Llama probably 2 years back on this fixing up and adding some things.

OP, you were silly to buy it, i would have given you a copy free of charge. But it is great of you to fix it up and release it. Very admirable of you indeed.

As i helped work on it. And Llama is a friend. You have full permission to release this free of charge as it is great of you to fix it and offer it free to all. At least this will hopefully stop people getting a broken copy and selling it on at a cost…

I tip my hat to you.

Science he did nothing other then leaking it,

im the one who fixed it, im the one who actually released a fix but kept my own version private

Stop attacking him from multiple accounts.

Boo hoo…

I dont see you saying he cant release ‘your communities gamemode’… And simply from looking at your threads we can see you didnt fix fuck all seen as you dont know anything about lua…
You also say former community… it isnt like you have a use for it anymore.

http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1146795 (your doing the same as he is supposedly doing)

Please just go away, your little e-penis is no use to anyone on facepunch, you cannot claim work as your own and not expect any back lash from the community.

Can everyone please stop acting tough as shit just because they “fixed” a very old and badly coded gamemode, this wasn’t even made by Llama Lord it was made by Proxy from the old community WCA yet you all seem to be blissfully unaware of that or you are just trying to boost your ego and claim as if you did a lot of work to get this working.

^ mad cos he can’t make money off his shitty edit anymore