Hey Facepunch.com

I have started on a new YouTube project.
Here will I post new videos once in a while.

Hope you like you.

Lean back and enjoy my first video LOST IN THE UNKNOWN

YouTube - Lost In The Unknown

Where’s the story arc?

Not even that, where’s the STORY? It was a few establishing shots and then an ending shot.

The editing was nice, except for maybe the random fading guy at the end, but the video implied nothing about being ‘lost in the unknown’. I got nothing out of it, simply because it was just a few random scenes strung together to orchestral music. 2/5

Fumples, there is no story. this video is just suppose to give you a sort of dreamy feeling.

nice slow camera angles. sets the mood with the music. but it did seemed abit plain with no story to it.

I see…

Thanks for the comments.
I will keep on working to make things even better in my next videos

I’m impressed… Mostly because you named your topic “LMAO Film” (I noticed later it was your user name) and I was expecting another “OMG SEE MY FUNNY RANDUM MOVIE XDXDXDXD” and maybe that’s why it’s getting so little feedback, because even I didn’t want to see it at first.