LMAPVote - The powerful and beautiful map vote system for Garry's Mod.

LMAPVote - The powerful and beautiful map vote system for Garry’s Mod.
Hi, This system is powerful and beautiful map vote system, It’s free and very awesome!


  1. Simple map vote start.
  2. Simple map vote stop.
  3. Admin system.
  4. Custom map system.
  5. Voice chat available in vote progress.


Download this addon : https://github.com/L7D/LMAPVote

Bug and issue report here : https://github.com/L7D/LMAPVote/issues

Addon wiki : https://github.com/L7D/LMAPVote/wiki

Contact us
Steam Profile : http://steamcommunity.com/id/L7D/


Does this work with TTT, Deathrun and Zombie Survival?

I think this addon work all gamemodes.

Thanks for using my addons :slight_smile:

Your best friend
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Thanks you for using my addons
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I understand but you don’t have to make your own signiture in this forum.
You already have nickname.

If you want your own signiture stuff, buy title. you can buy it on right top of the forum

You think? I assume it doesn’t automatically handle a set number of round for any gamemodes then?

This is only work manually.


Lack of colors satisfies me.

You really love your Ibis White Flat UI. Willox is right though. Alot of gamemodes handle rounds differently and others have hooks for when a mapvote is called. Could you cross gamemode test this and provide us with a confirmed list?

The UI seems quite well designed. However, how come construct and flatgrass don’t have their map-icons in the screenshots?

alright guys, i update new LMAPVote for guys advices :slight_smile:
Thanks for your advice, i like you forever.

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I really like your mapvote addon! However, I’m having some issues with multiple votes for a map. When multiple people vote on a single map, it will only show that first person that votes, and say that 1 votes for that map, even if I select the map to vote.

P.S. for people that would like to use it on TTT, here is the code I used from http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1268353 (Creds to Willox for his mapvote addon and lua file) and had it call the LMapVote start vote command. So far it works fine. :stuck_out_tongue:

hook.Add("Initialize", "TTT MapVote", function()
    function CheckForMapSwitch()
        local rounds_left = math.max(0, GetGlobalInt("ttt_rounds_left", 6) - 1)
        SetGlobalInt("ttt_rounds_left", rounds_left)

        local time_left = math.max(0, (GetConVar("ttt_time_limit_minutes"):GetInt() * 60) - CurTime())

        if rounds_left <= 0 or time_left <= 0 then

            timer.Simple(8, function()

                LMapvote.system.vote.Start( )


I think your work is very awesome, i like you :slight_smile:

Your best friend
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Hello friends i updated new LMAPVote, you can download latest version here

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Looks nice man, can you confirm this works on the “Hide and Seek” game mode?

This addon is work any gamemodes, but you must insert map vote start codes in your gamemode

WiKi : https://github.com/L7D/LMAPVote/wiki

Thanks for using LMAPVote

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I can’t seem to get the addon to work, Can you possibly make a addon install video or include a detailed installation inside the readme

Okay thanks for your advice :slight_smile:

Your best friend
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How do you change how many times you can play on a map untill the Map Voting system comes up?

Can you add a close button?