Lment Gamemode


****You can download the gamemode here: **https://www.mediafire.com/?9qfuudulkxe1w9u
You can get maps for this gamemode from Demonkush’s Workshop!

  • About Lment -**

Lment is a team versus team gamemode. It features a round based system, base destruction,
character classes, character abilities, and an abundance of weapons.

​- Gameplay Video 2014-07-07 -

**- Work in progress NPCs -

- Requirements -

To play Lment you must own the following game:

Counter-Strike: Source

- Classes -

The Marksman:
Power Shot - Increases the damage of your next attack
Power Jump - When activated, pushes you forward a short distance
Rapid Fire - When activated, increases your rate of fire for 5 seconds
Smoking Barrels - Gives you a chance to critcally hit with your weapons
Big Clips - Increases the ammo capacity of your weapon magazine

Fireball - A powerful fireball impales the target area dealing AoE damage
Erupt - Erupt yourself, shooting you into the air dealing AoE Damage
Flame Sprite - Spawns a flame sprite at your position, dealing moderate damage over time to nearby enemies
Overheat - When activated, your gun overheats dealing damage over time to your next target for 6 seconds
Flame Shield - When attacked, you burn your enemy, dealing damage while off cooldown

Orb Blast - Fires an orb that on impact, deals damage to enemy players, and heals nearby allies
Empower - Adds a charge every 5 seconds, the next spell casted consumes a charge increasing its effectiveness
Arcane Burst - When casted, places a buff on you and nearby allies that heals over time
Disrupt - Your next attack with disrupt the target, forcing him to face the other way
Arcane Potion - A passive ability that heals you over time

Sickening Shot - Sickens the target, reducing movement speed by 25% and dealing damage over time for 3 seconds
Plant C4 - Plants C4 below yourself that detonates after 2.5 seconds
Resourceful - On activation, heal yourself and grants you some missing ammunitions
Dirty Deeds - Increased damage when shooting the back of a target
Sneak - When crouched and off cooldown, makes yourself almost completely invisible to other players except your weapon, cooldown fires when uncrouching

- Media -

**- And more -
Lment has future plans to bring to the table. A few of them are more classes, bigger structures, more weapons,
an in-game shop, rankings, base customizations, and numerous unlockable items.

Please remember that Lment is in a very early stage of alpha and some things may be broken and or not implemented
at the current time.

We’re opening the server today and we hope you join in, give it a try and we promise that there WILL be more content in the upcoming

**- Some development information - **

Quick information on classes:

Classes are defined in the 'gamemode/lmnt_classes' folder. To create a new class simply copy and paste an existing class and rename it to something else. Open up the folder and set 'thisClassId' to the next following number (exemple, if 6 then change to 7).

After doing so, open up 'gamemode/classes.lua' and include your new class file at the bottom of the file.

Spells are defined in the table but all mechanics are defined below in the events. To create a new spell, simply fiddle around in the events and you'll get the hang of it sooner or later. Trial and error.

Complete list of events:

["OnNextAttack"] -- Your next attack, not sure fully working.
["OnNextAttackHitEnemy"] -- When your next attack hits an enemy.
["OnNextAttackHitAlly"] -- When your next attack hits an ally, not sure fully working.
["OnNextAttackLand"] -- When your next attack lands.
["OnHurtFromEnemy"] -- When an enemy hits you.
["OnCast"] -- When you cast a spell.
["OnSpawn"] -- When you spawn.
["OnThink"] -- 'Think hook', warning, called every server tick.
["OnAbilityLevel"] -- When the ability levels up.

You can download the gamemode here: https://www.mediafire.com/?9qfuudulkxe1w9u

This actually looks pretty cool.

Do you have any videos, I would love to see some gameplay!

Do you have plans for a new HUD?

Besides that, looks great, I’ll check it out, when you put a server up.

@darren.splash, Yes we have one but there isn’t really any gameplay in it, the guy who made the video just explained stuff while filming. We’re making a proper one very soon.

@TheDivinity, We’re not done with the HUD at the moment, although it works for the alpha. We had a server running but the host broke with yesterday’s patch. We’re actually setting up a new map because our last required TF2. We’ll have the server up and running very shortly.

I just wanted to congratulate you on this, it looks insanely cool and like a fresh breath of fresh air into gmods community.

Will you accept any kind of donations for this gamemode to help develop/improve it, I could see if I could put a couple dollars in and spread the gamemode around to help you a little, not sure what else other then good job.

I opened the server for testing tonight, if anyone wants to join, here’s the IP:

I’ll hop in a few minutes, is there any custom pack DL?

Everything you need is downloaded when joining.

I’m working on gun prefixes. Resource crates that are spawned in the middle of the map have a chance of holding weapons as bonus. Firearms found in crates will come with a prefix like “Frost, Fire, Shadow, etc” that enhance your weapon’s functionality in a way.

New features rolling in every day. Everyone check it out!

Hopped on the server for a little bit it’s great.




(pretty cool gamemode though)

To clear any misconceptions, I changed the word ‘buildings’ to ‘structures’. I also finished the implementation of weapon prefixes for guns found in resource crates.

Here’s the 4 actual prefixes and their effects:

Fire - The weapon deals bonus fire damage on each landing shots.

Frost - The weapon slows the target by 5% each hit for a maximum of 20%.

Vampiric - The weapon heals your for a % of damage dealt with the weapon.

Poison - The weapon applies a damage over time effect on the target, it is renewed each shot.

Just to let you know that I’m still working on this project. My plan is to remake some of the placeholder interface elements ( Class selections, Weapon shop ) and release some media.

**Edit: **I added recent screenshots.

Hey, this is a great looking gamemode there CrashLemon! Me and Ankleteeth need to come hop in and try it some time. (This is Omnipotent btw)

This gamemode has great potential, I played on the pre-alpha server and it’s pretty fun!

This is looking great.

I decided to rework some of the placeholder UI, here’s some progress for the class selection screen


Edit: I just finished class previewing too, here’s a two screenshots!



There’s now a video in the OP for you curious people.

Thanks to Demonkush and DirtyBonerGamer

Edit: Also, Tech Center menu screenshot: