Ln_Cityscape (working title)

Hey Working on this map. I appreciate comments and constructive criticism, but don’t really care if you think it’s “bad”.


I plan to add another “complete” building, Furniture to some floors, more detail to the lobby, It will feature some L4D props and breakable windows.
There’s no entities yet except for brushes and props.

Don’t make a thread until you have actual ingame shots and a bit more progress.

Never really saw such a road and combine textures on blocky desk.

the road texture is too small and theres too much gravel.

Wouldn’t Constructive criticism be also telling you its bad constructively?

I was working on a gm_cityscape around May to June



“Tell me what you think of my map.”

“I don’t lik-”

“I don’t care what you think.”


“Hey sup dude, how are y-”


“…man, but I ju-”


Stop shitposting.

You started.

er, okay. When i said i don’t care if you don’t think it’s bad post’s like “DUDE THIS SUCKS GET OF FACEPUNCH IMO”. Thank’s for your opinions, what do you mean too much gravel?

I wouldn’t like to use that desk, my shit would get covered in gravel.

That’s gravel? It looked like marble to me :confused:


Please stop doing that.

No, he didn’t.


See the difference here?
ZOMG brings up a good point which is afflicted many a newbies on facepunch, and other sites.
You are just trying to be cool and funny.