Load Addons Modells

I was wondering how to load the models of Addons in Model Browser in Hammer and how to add SENTS into the map…
Also, if someone wants to id like it if someone could teach me the basics in how to make doors that move if you push a button and stuff like that, dont worry, im a quick studier, and please dont point me tu tutorials, i dont like tutorials…

Just open the addons folder, copy the materials and models and paste them into your HL2/EP2 (The folder where the original models/materials are) folder. You should be able to find them in the model browser.

where exactly do you mean?

For me it is
Steam\Steamapps*YourSteamName*\half life 2 episode 2\ep2
Just copy both folders from the addon folder over there.

ah, ok, hope itll work…
what about SENTs?

Just place an entity and do like sent_sentnamehere for the class.

u sure that will work?

anyone know about the sents and anyone wanna help me with the hammer basics?



2nd. I meant a little more advanced stuff… like moving stuff, and buttons that do things.

Experiment. IMO this generation of mappers don’t research, and just expect answers.

I just prefer to have someone teach me so I can ask questions and stuff…