Load all files in the folders of a gamemode

I’m currently working on a gamemode and its going great.

The amount of files I intend on having means I need to import them all individually.

I tried to use:

for k, v in pairs(file.Find("desire/gamemode/sv_modules/*.lua","LUA")) do include("sv_modules/" .. v); end

But it seems to give no effect.

Any ideas??


Here’s how I do it.

local sv_files, sv_folders = file.Find(“addons/core/lua/extensions/sv_*.lua”, “GAME”)

for k, v in pairs(sv_files) do
if SERVER then

[lua]local f, d = file.Find(“gamemodes/desire/sv_modules/*.lua”, “GAME”)

for k,v in pairs(f) do

This should print all the lua files. If you want to list all the directories in a path, use d instead of f

Doesn’t seem to work. Although it does find the file?

That is for the base folder of the gamemode.

Make sure the files have data… If they’re empty they will not load. Also make sure Shared and Client files are AddCSLuaFile’d BEFORE the include line.

Here’s how I autoload ( sh_init.lua from the src( https://bitbucket.org/Acecool/acecooldev_base/src/master/gamemode/sh_init.lua?at=master )… Documentation to see which files/folders do what: https://bitbucket.org/Acecool/acecooldev_base/src/master/documentation/acecooldev_base_autoloader_file_and_folder_recognition_details.txt?at=master ):

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