load another map?

i want to load another map after u teleport in my map. i dont know how to do this. i tryed info_landmark
and trigger_changelevel. but i think i did it wrong

It doesn’t work in GMod.


I’m just trying to find a tutorial.


God damn it!


The internet sucks.

Sorry OP, I really can’t find a tut.

put in a point_clientcommand with a trigger brush to trigger it with the output of command with an override of map “mapname of which you want to change to” without the “” marks.

Do this. That’s clever.

Isn’t there simply a way to do this in map properties?

ok i figured it out. thanks anyway though guys

Do bulls idea, that will work in all source games, including GMod.

HL2 maps in Gmod seem to change level just fine.