Load Atire

Load Atire
Load Atire is a new, smooth-looking loading screen for Garry’s Mod servers. The loading screen package comes with 4 custom colour sets in order for you to easily setup your own loading screen and create a finished product quickly. There is also included full documentation for help in installing and editing the loading screen yourself to suit your server. The design of this loading screen package is heavily influenced by the TF2 loading screens and smooth-style colours.
Four Premade Colour sets that are easily editable
Editable templates for all four colours with documentation on editing
Help documentation on creating your own colour sets
Server information
Ability to look unique from each server

Your loading screen looks nice.

Thanks a lot for the kind words, It’s my take on attempting a clean looking product. I’ve put a small price of $5 on it so If for some reason, anyone wanted to purchase it, it wouldn’t be cluttered on every server. Whether people like it or not, if it was free it would be seen on more than enough servers.

I also like your portfolio, it looks clean. I might have to sign up for an weebly.com account.


Ladies and gentlemen, we present the official 5 second loading screen. xD

This isn’t a script selling website, go sell your 5 second scripts elsewhere.

I’d rather not thanks. Mainly due to the fact that I don’t have to pay to sell digital content on Sellfy.

Also feedback is appreciated, thanks.


top kek


Was that to increase your post-count by any chance? Due to that already being a suggestion.

Not for advertising your loading screens.

This thread isn’t for bumping if you have nothing interesting to say.

I hate to be the one to do this, but…

78 lines of code later


I’m not even good with HTML/CSS, and this was a 5 minute job.

I would appreciate you removing that so I can close my thread, I know the feedback is negative.

Why would he removed it? You’re trying to rip people off. xD