Load/download screen welkoms text

I have seen on some new server (like the ttt one from pez gaming) that when you download the filles a text or webpage on comes but how to set that page and no i’am not talking about an admin plugin with motd so is ter somone how can help me

welkoms to facepunch, you need to design your own and then upload it. I’m sure someone else has time to be more detailed.

Do you know how to HTML code?

If so, code a webpage, put it up somewhere (I saw that Kurozael once hosted free loading screens for people, but I’m not sure if he does that anymore), and change “sv_loadingurl” to “sv_loadingurl URL WHERE YOUR PAGE IS”

Like “sv_loadingurl http://www.pie.com
I’m not sure if it’s “sv_loadingurl http://www.pie.com/hey.html”, but try both.