Load Game Causes Some Problems

So I was working on some stuff in single player and it involved having two wired hydraulics length value set to a value output by a simple expression of mine.

I saved the map but when I open it again some shit happens. The expressions all show errors, annoying but easily fixed by opening the expression and upload and closing. The annoying part is the hydraulic controls break, I can no longer click them with the wire tool, they are unresponsive. When I mouse over them I cans till see the tool-tip thing that lists its stuff, but I cant click it and wire it to something =\

Anyone experienced this before?

EDIT: Everything breaks on saved game load, constante values cant be wired or anything. (Keep in mind I am talking aobut stuff that was already placed when i saved it, I load the map and i cant wire any of those things anymore)

Save Games are broken.

try ADV DUP from wire SVN if they updated for the new version.