Load time too long.

So I wanted to play hl2 campagain with some friends (Q menu included) so I just started up a game on the hl2 map, the only problem theres a loading screen ever 5 min or so meaning I (and every1 els) has to load a new map (which could take a while). Is there any way I can play through the campagain with my friends without this long loading time?

delete all your addons, it speeds up your game.

that kinda defeats the perpose… I do know theres some gamemodes out there that support a speedy co op multiplayer is there any way to mod them to allow q menus?

Move your addons to the desktop then just keep the ones you want t keep

Slow loading time is always caused by addons, your game have to load every single LUA file, every single model and every single material the addons use, the more you have, the longer it takes.

I already only have the addons I want to keep…(why would I have ones i dont want O_o) and yes I do know that removal of addons = less load time but im talking about mod that eliminates that. IE: a mod Like synergy but with the q menu and all those goodies. does any mod like that exist? If not how hard would it be to make?

There is nothing feasible that can be done to decrease load times, other than remove stuff from the game (addons etc) or get better hardware.

damn, thanks for your help.

Models/Materials/Maps/Addons/Lua. All slows ya down. “Yes i am late”