Load Transitional Map

Description: I see the how actually is loading the game when you join to a server and I have a suggestion that can look more better.

The Suggestion: Add a transitional map while is loading the server to change the map or simply when its restarting.

Based: Im based on GTA V. When you join for first time, you are in a dream like a transition while is loading the map.

¿Why?: I think that is more beautifull esthetically. Not only we need see the part of programmation, modelling and map. From my opinion all is necessary to do a game.

Map to use: Is not my map but is so great and I think that can be the official map of S&box game and see it like a transitional map when you are loading the server. Facepunch Cafe.

Link to map: Facepunch cafe
Credits of map: Mark


  • Loading bar for the server
  • Music
  • Rules that can add the user(Transparent)

PD: I dont have a perfect english, but every time I learn more from my mistakes. Im spanish.

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One issue I can point out with that is having to wait for a little longer every time you’re loading since you’d need to load this “loading map” first. I like the concept though.

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Ideally just have a way for people on a server to be on separate maps and load a new one in the background while playing. Then people can make addons for this sort of thing or use it for any kind of lobby system or whatever else they come up with.

Wonder if we can have custom loading screens, then we might be able to leverage the scene panels from the latest devblog.


What’s the point of the load map? As long as I see it will just increase load time without any benefits. Most of people alt-tabing their game while loading and they definetly do not want longer loading time or any sounds in background.

GTA V you mention as an example works differently - the first time you load you see a slideshow of static images, the flying camera triggered only after the map is already loaded.

Some games offer transition maps while the player is in matchmaking queue, but that’s the case with longer waiting time.


First answer that I answered before: Is more beautifull esthetically. Not only we need see the part of programmation, modelling and map. From my opinion all is necessary to do a game.

Second answer: Restart the server or change map take it more than 2 minutes generally in each game.

Third answer: You have benefits, because you can enjoy of a good transition and characteristics. Be optimist.

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Adding something like this means more data to send. Plus with the way Sbox handles downloading (From what I’ve seen) will be similar to gmod. You have a loading screen (which most likely will be customisable but I have no proof for that) which allows more resources to go towards downloading and unpacking the required assets reducing the load in times.

If you have some sort of “dream world” then they would have to be downloading content, unpacking it while also computing this world. While I’m sure you mean something that lacks a lot of detail it means you’re using the game engine while also grabbing content and that could be harsh on the lower end pc’s and hurt download times quite a lot.

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By who’s aesthetics? On top of the problem of consuming unnecessary computing power to load a world before joining a server, every gamemode will likely have a different aesthetic design. What player character will you be in this purgatory? This style of loading mechanic can work for some genre of games but absolutely will not for S&box, the entire purpose of which is to be a blank canvas for all types of aesthetics.

I mean, ideally, if this got added, server host/gamemode creator would be able to create/modify this loading map as well.

GTAV’s loading screen is just a blurred image of a very low-res version of the map because the map isn’t actually fully loaded, it’s a trick exactly to preserve processing power so as to not waste it loading the loading screen.

What I guess could be an alternative is maybe if you’re already playing on a server or in singleplayer and you pick another server, you’ll stay in the current map while it downloads content for the next server, this isn’t something new, Unreal 1 for example did this and that came out in 98.

So, the game displays a render of the map, before it’s loaded? how do you suppose that would work?

Just seems like a potential resource sink that could otherwise be used to just load assets quicker.

I would assume it’s just that you can have it load into a really small, quick and simple map first then have it start loading and rendering the full game while they are playing the minigame or whatever. Really what would be needed is a way to load a map in the background. From there mod developers could turn that into his proposed loading system. I’m not sure how easy background loading of maps would be or if it would be worth implementing but if it is easy enough then it would be nice for developers to have the ability to implement similar loading systems for larger gamemodes or specific servers that have significant loading times. I like the idea @WYVERN though where loading screens are able to be customized with scene panels so you can have some sort of interface or minigame within it while people are loading. Far more lightweight and very useful.

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GTA Online tutorial - First death - YouTube
See from 00:25.
But here is changed because the player can interact with the map while its loading the server. People think that can use more ram or load slowly. I think is not a true. And when S&box is released, the people will create servers that need load first the gamemode, map and addons(Usually between 50-300 depend of the server). We can enjoy of a transitional map, loading it in background.