"Load Up"



Spent too much time on this to not post it, but I am not exactly happy with it or my poor man editing.


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Another version I actually like better.


second dude from the right in the first picture looks like he has a broken arm

It’s the way he is holding his gun and the angle, his elbow is tucked in I see what you are getting at.

I like it! Good job with the overall scene, though there are a few area’s that could use improving.

I think the first one would have looked better if the helicopter had some gear or something on it/around it. That model of Bell helicopter isn’t really used for military operations. Also, the scene is a bit naked, could use some props to take care of that empty space. Or use a different angle, might make things a bit more interesting. The posing is okay, but the composition of the overall scene could use some work. The composition really showcases the posing here, and in this case, not in a very good way. (“Dude on the right has broken arm”) A bit more practice with composition and things will fall perfectly into place! :smiley:

I see what you were going for here and you didn’t necessarily do a bad job but there’s always room for improvement! A bit more practice with both Gmod + Photoshop, you’ll be pumpin out quality work. Love to see more! :slight_smile:

Posing is a bit off, but I like the song and sound of it taking off. Good idea, just not as great execution I think.

Appreciate the comments guys.

the posing is fine, but that the two soldiers on the right seems to have a broken arm (or is it me).but the sound and the rest came not bad.

Second picture: “So…who’s flying?”

I’m not a big fan of the maxed-out super DoF, nor the blandness of the fore/background. Nevertheless, I’m glad you improved the lighting and chose a more detailed helicopter for the second version. Isn’t that a Battlefield 3 huey?