loading allocating terrain math

hello desolated for my English is not good, I just bought rust by steam and the game does not work, it stops at “” loading allocating terrain math “” who can help me? please

What are your computer specs? Hard to help without knowing what type of computer you are using

Graphic card GTX 750
Win 7
processor AMD FX 8350 8 core
you need other things?

No just wanted to know you can run it, i assumes with that build your using atleast 8 gb ram. Try deleteing the game and reinstalling. Might just be a glitched install

yes I have already installed twice without success, and yes I own 8GB ram

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I try again deleteing …

Make sure you delet the files from the folder also! Other than that i cant really say whats up unless its vid card drivers cause im using a similar setup and it runs fine for me. Although i use an AMD vid card

ok thank you for your help I will try to do as you say

Good luck, if it doesnt work check maybe someone else has a better idea

yes I check everywhere :frowning: