I am getting stuck on Loading…Connecting whenever I click a server. I am forced to close the game and retry to connect to a server. It doesn’t matter what server I use, I have restarted my internet and pc multiple times, one in every 25 connects will I actually load the server.

This happens to many people (including myself) however the developers have never commented on it in any sort of way. I emailed, I made countless posts. I would love to help, however I have had the game 3 weeks now and can’t even play it…

can you check your console and paste what it says after it fails? or does it just never fail and say on ‘connecting…’ forever
does it crash?

post your output_log.txt

It just stays on connecting screen with no error message or return to menu even after 1 hr.

Can I see a screenshot… can I see your output_log.txt ? in your rust folder\rust_data\output_log.txt


Im on a Mac so, not too sure if the .txt file can be found as I have looked for it before.