Loading custom gmas on gmod server

Well I just found out that I can put addons onto my gmod server just like they are in your gmod addons folder. Ex: putting wac_community_6_141486806.gma in my server addons folder. It just dosn’t really work though and i already tried renaming the files to ds_(number).gma but that didn’t work. I just need some more clarification on if i can just put the addons right into the server addons folder and how.

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Also this is a serious issue im dealing with so I don’t want this thread to just have 1 reply I want a roar of comments and ideas and support.

Put them into a folder.


well that didnt work


im not talking about clientside im talking about serverside

It should work on srcds as well. If it doesn’t, you are out of luck.

one way to do it is to get the program called GMAD extractorhttp://www.treesoft.dk/gmod/gmad/ then go into your addons extract the addon then put it in your addons directory. If you want to make people download it before they join however that is a little harder https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dup3XFgly5k this requires you to have the gma in the server files as well. Hope that helps.