Loading custom scripts/weapons

Hi there,

Before you ask, yes I have Googled and yes I have searched the wiki.

My question is simple: I have created a script for the chair throwing weapon and used the tutorial on the wiki. How do I load this within the game?

The tutorial for the chair weapon:

Many thanks

You can either add it to your gamemode folder with the other weapons, or add it to an addon in the format:

 - [Addon name]
    | info.txt
    - lua
      - weapons
         - [Weapon name]
            - shared.lua

If you’re making an addon, your info.txt should be in the format:

	"name"				"SWep"
	"version"			"1.0"
	"up_date"			"January 29th 2012"
	"author_name"		"Spik31"
	"author_email"		""
	"author_url"		""
	"info"				"My SWep!"
	"override"			"0"

You might need to restart after you’ve added it


How would I get that in game?

You can find your addons folder at

[Server or SRCDS]\orangebox\garrysmod\addons\

Depending on whether you’re uploading to a server or adding it to your local addons folder

so how would i run it through the game? in the extentions menu? or would it be throught the Q-menu?

The Q Menu and then click Weapons.