"Loading Done" then nothing?

So i have tried to join a few servers with this issue tonight. Basically it loads up fine, and is currently running showing the LOADING done screen. it’s not hung because it’s responsive and my fps are fine, but it isn’t advancing any further. am i missing something obvious?

tried the basics to try and push it; kill, respawn, wakeup(which doesn’t work anymore anyway of course), even restarting steam and rust. any ideas? i’m a bit lost lol.

try leaving it like that for about more than 5 mins, it might just need time to sort itself out or try validating the cache or both.

Are you on the development branch by any chance?

I’ve had this issue since Thursday night on the development branch. In addition, a lot of the menu textures are pink and the developer console is full of shader errors. Validating the game doesn’t fix anything.

Also, I’ve noticed that when it says “Loading: Done”, a NullReferenceException is immediately thrown. The game is 100% responsive during this state as you’ve said, however, the game never gets past this screen and pretty much gets stuck on this forever.

Here’s an album containing two screenshots showing the menu and the developer console when stuck on the level loading screen: http://imgur.com/a/OO5W3#1

yes for dev branch, and yes for all the symptoms you describe; the purple, the timewarning message and it remaining responsive. damn :confused:

Opt into developement debug. Fixed it for me.

confirmed. now working using development debug branch. presume this means there is an issue on the dev branch bleeding edge… oh well, can play:)