Loading DOTA 2 models(props) in Hammer

Just wondering how are you supposed to load DOTA 2 models(props) inside of hammer. I know the Hammer from SFM doesn’t work and always crashes. So I am wondering how I can do it from the Source SDK. I tried adding a new game path to my sfm dota 2 folder. But when I try to load static props from inside of hammer it only shows tf and hl2 so I am just wondering how do I get the dota 2 models in that list.

You could try the alien swarm hammer, or use that program that converts L4D2 stuff to source 2009 forgot what it was though.

Thanks for the suggestion, tried it but it didn’t work. I am sure if I decompiled all my stuff and recompiled it into the tf2 dir it would work, but I am not going to do that for every single prop. I’ll just try and get SFM hammer to work. It seems to work fine until I save then it crashes. I’ll post something when I figure it out.

Some kind of thing is ticking off the SFM hammer, try removing things until you can compile or save.

(try entities first)

Yah it’s really wierd. After fooling around with it for a bit. I am able to “save” it just not “save-as” it otherwise it crashes. It also compiles. Now the issue I am dealing with is that when I open up the map inside of source filmmaker it doesn’t recognize HDR even though I ticked on HDR when compiling.

Your skybox doesn’t support hdr.

That was the first thing I checked. Thanks for you suggestion though! I figured it out! It’s not really a good solution, but it’s a band-aid solution. I was able to get it to work (with dota 2 models on the map) by:

  1. Using Source Hammer SDK to first make the base map(ground and skybox) then “save as” it. You can’t use the Source Filmmaker Hammer SDK to “save as” which is really weird and it crashes.
  2. Open up Source Filmmaker Hammer SDK using your DOTA 2 path. Then load your map.
  3. NEVER EVER “SAVE AS” in the SFM Hammer! It will crash and you will lose your work!
  4. You should be able to add DOTA 2 props to your map now.
  5. Whenever you want to save your work just use “save” never “save as”! I don’t know why that works but it does.
  6. I really really really recommend copying your save work and put it in another directory or usb stick. Since you are just saving your work on one file, never being able to create versions of your work since you can’t “save as”
  7. Once you save your map and you want to compile. Close SFM Hammer and open Source Hammer. Load the map. Now you will notice your dota 2 models to be invisible when you look at your map, that doesn’t matter just Run the map and then open it up in SFM and the dota 2 props will be there!

I hope this helps people who run into similar issues.