Loading Error

Everytime I attempt to join a DarkRP server with a lot of addons, i cant join. It takes around twenty minutes for the mounting addons, and once the workshop is complete, it times me out. someone help been having this for a while now and even though a previous post has been given, no proper solution has been found so if anyone has any ideas i could try please.

Does this happen on all DarkRP servers? Other gamemodes?

it doesn’t happen on TTT, tried it out around 2 hours ago.

I think the problem may be that the server uses too many Addons, however, I was able to login before, and others can login aswell.

Don’t recreate threads.

maybe if you could have explained it better on the other thread man, sorry.

There’s nothing to explain, you are loading too slowly. Get better HDD or more RAM. There isn’t much else you can do about it that I am aware of.

i have 6gb ram, but i guess… like i could play on it before, so idk.

Make sure nothing else is slowing your system and try joining other servers that are less infested with workshop downloads.

it works with other servers. here’s a command for the server i currently cannot join. maybe you can analyze the error here. sorry for the problem


Do you own CS:S?


You might want to try reinstalling it and making sure it’s mounted in the mount menu; you are getting quite a few stock material errors.

alright, thanks.