>LOADING FILE: CopInteractive [A new interactive comic about space cops from goldengnome]


like it says, name for the player, name for the bad guy, and a course of action. GO GO GO

>Player_Name suggestion: Special Officer Pickles

He should totally be Officer Killmaim, and the bad guy should be… Warren Stabbs

On a side note, where did you get those epic** models (including the weapons)?

the police officer is from crysis 2, ported by dt mech. bloo cobalt ported the bad guy, as well as all the weapons, though i’m not sure if he’s released them yet. the spas-12 on his back is in bloo’s modified l4d2 weapons pack though.

Nemesis: The Bloodthirsty Bowie Brandisher


Nemesis_name should be just that.



what the fuck just happened.

anyway, still waiting on input on the housing units. prompt actions with “>”, and prompt speech with “@”. and remember, actions don’t have to be in machine code, but you can try to fool around with the console if you’d like. stick with plain english for player actions though, and i’d avoid the console for now… wouldn’t want to irreparably fuck up your server :v:

> Equip Spas 12 Shotgun

> Advance Five Meters

Bad guy name: Joshua Grahm

> Proceed into “Housing Unit #101”_

>Execute::\slaughterSGT racking.exe
(find the fucker)