Loading Garry's Mod Fails


i’m having a problem, a while back i used to be able to play Gmod, but since i re-installed windows from getting a damn virus i havn’t been able to play it…

I open Steam and click on Garry’s Mod and it starts to load the game, but “hl2.exe” closes after about 1 second.

I found this thread “http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=489544” and did this “Verify integrity of game cache…”, but it still didnt work, can anyone help me…

i was gonna reply to that thread but then I realised it was last posted on, 3 years ago.

Plz help every time i open gmod it will open fine but it will say creating render files i have been there for a while and it wont work… .but the thing is i can still hear the buttons in the game sound… So like when ur cursor goes over a button it will make a noise well same with mine its like its stuck on that render file thing someone help