Loading image resize

Hello, I tried this before, but I didn’t end up looking at it for a while, due to nobody posting in it for a bit. I tried the following code:
webkit-background-size:100% 100%;
Obviously with the image url in it.
But when I open it, it just shows the code. I only want this cause some people have smaller screens, and sometimes parts get cut out, that are important, like the website’s address. I’d appreciate a hand, please.

If you just want a background image, edit your loading page to this, http://pastebin.com/H9eFNZXQ
and add a file in the same folder called style.css, with this inside of it: http://pastebin.com/as3hGHLC

Edit where style.css has background-image:url to your image.

All right, and one file would simply point to the other? And I put the css on my thing too?

Yes, it should point to it, yes upload the css file to the same directory as your loading page.

All right, it filled my whole screen. :smiley: My only concern is that somebody who visits will see like four of the same image, or something. Also that my image is already screen sized. I may try to resize it.

I should automatically resize to every persons resolution that opens it. If you have a different resolution from 1920x1080, you can link me and I’ll see.

Uh, mine is 1680 X 1050.

goto http://abigmodserver.com/loadingalkdjg6435j2h42h423ju42.htm

Tried with a bigger picture, and it ended up not resizing to fit my computer.